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Marmel Enterprises is based in Darwin specialising in the location and information management services for all of the Northern Australia and the Central Corridor. 

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Digital Terrain Analysis and Visualisation
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Geo Discovery

Spatial Analysis

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Marmel Enterprises has substantial experience in spatial information systems and creating applications tailored to the needs of clients and end users.


Look at our Portfolio for details.

The understanding of your critical business processes is a vital first step in realising value.


Marmel Enterprises can model your business processes and identify opportunities to improve across your business.

The understanding of location is fundamental to understanding relationships and patterns.


Marmel Enterprises can transform your data to tell your story.  We unearth the relationships between the tangible and intangible for better business insight and identification of opportunities.

Understanding our world and resources enables us to assess opportunities and also our impact on our planet.


Marmel Enterprises have the skills and knowledge to deliver data acquisition  or mapping and infographic products and services tailored to your needs.

About us

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Marmel Enterprises has operated since March 2016 to provide affordable and tailored geospatial and information management services to Northern Australian and South Australian clients.


We operate with the Principles of:


  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation



 Top End sunshine and rain at the Territory Wildlife Park

Capability Statement

Managing Director, Mark Asendorf has 20 years experience in geospatial and information technology and the application of these specialised skills in the geosciences, mining, and utility industries.

Duties have ranged from the management and coordination of spatial teams to the design and implementation and day-to-day operation of spatial data management systems.

Core abilities include:

An ability to learn and adapt to new business operating environment and understand critical business drivers.

An ability to learn new technology and adapt it to achieve business objectives.

Working knowledge of a diverse range of related industries and specialisations.

The appropriate application of technical, leadership and managerial skills as situations require.

Learn more about Mark here.


Geospatial Services

Marmel Enterprises has 20 years experience in geospatial technology applied to the utilities, mining, geoscience, environment management and construction industries and has worked in both the South Australian and Northern Territory Government.


Marmel Enteprises can offer:


  • Geospatial Consultation.  Leverage your information assets
  • Creation, aquisition and curation of geospatial data
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Production of harcopy or dynamic digital mapping products
  • Mobile friendly web mapping services.


Realising location aware visualisation and opportunities.

Are you taking full advantage of the "where" dimension in your company data?


Information Management




The nature of many industries and competitive environments is that some companies are more susceptible to technological driven change than others.  

This can also be an opportunity.

Understanding your critical business processes is a vital first step in realising the value of your information resources.

Marmel Enterprises have the tools and knowledge to optimise your business, information and technological assets and offer the following services.


√           Business Process Modelling

√           Business Analysis

√           Enterprise Architecture

           I.M.  Project Management



Geological sites around Australia are recognised for their scientific, environmental and environmental contribution to understanding of our planet and our continent, or - through the minerals and fossils they contain - our understanding of evolution of life on our planet.

However many sites are under threat from Urbanisation, Infrastructure development, Agriculture, or uncontrolled tourism, which degrade the integrity of these sites.  When destroyed, valuable knowledge is lost forever.

Australian and State and Territory Government agencies, professional organisations and interested individuals recognise this issue and are working to identify, preserve and protect our unique geological heritage.

Marmel Enterprises is contributing its time and resources to the efforts to advance geoheritage interests in the Northern Territory.

Collaborative efforts are always welcomed, so get in touch by the contact details on the website if you'd like to know more.

 Geo Discovery





Geotourism as tourism which focuses on an area's geology and landscape as the basis for providing visitor engagement, learning and enjoyment’. (GSA, 2018)


The Northern Territory has internationally reknowned Parks in Uluru and Kakadu, but  lags behind other Australian States. It has yet to fully leverage its unique geological assets under Geotourism focused campaigns.

Other states including Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales have commences promoting geotourism in their respective states, and it remains an significant area of opportunity for Northern Territory.

Managing Director Mark Asendorf is a member of the Geolocial Society of Australia Geotourism Standing Committee and has recently volunteered for the Australian Geoscience Committee National Strategy Geotourism Reference Group.

For further information of geotourism, please make contact via the forms on this website, or follow the links on this page.­

Geo Discovery is the appreciation and acknowledgement of the processes and events that shaped our world and the celebration of the majesty of these sites and regions for their aesthetic and cultural appeal.

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Northern Territory Opportunities

A visit to the NT is a unique experience and this has been the focus of several tourism related initiatives over recent years.  It has also influenced decisions of the many visitors to stay longer, come back again, or base themselves and their families here.

The opportunity now exists for the NT to leverage its existing and accessible geoscientific, natural, historic and cultural resources, and enhance other sites of interest along with integrated policy, planning, and capability development.

This report and GeoDiscover App outline the current state of geoheritage and geotourism in the NT, and options for the advancement of geotourism related interests in the NT. It aims to help create an industry that will benefit the people, economy and environment of Northern Australia.­

The Flinders Ranges in South Australia

GeoDiscoverNT Web App


Growth and Renewal in our forests



This lightweight app was created to encourage responsible recreational fossicking in the Northern Territory.


It consists of several open datasets and includes other features to assist those who may wish to try their luck.


It also contains images of samples Ive picked up in my own journeys, and tips and tricks to assist new and experienced fossickers alike.


Happy exploring!

Portfolio and Case Studies



Virtual Travel albums

In the middle of the year I explored the Kimberley region of Western Australia with my

family. We experienced and saw a lot and had an incredible time.


Our experiences included amazing tours and features around Broome and learning about its ancient and recent history, a helicopter rider over the awe-inspiring Bungle Bungles, speeding along the Ord River from Kununurra to the impressive Lake Argyle, and finishing our journey in the Douglas Thermal Pools in our own back yard back in the Northern Territory.


            Have you got your own story to tell?   What better medium to use!

            Marmel Enterprises can make your own journeys come alive!


Check out our other case studies

More Apps in development - Stay Tuned

NT Projects Beta Reference Image

Visualising Regional Opportunity and Potential (Beta)


The NT Government has compiled information on commiteed and proposed Infrastructure projects which offer insight into development, opportunity and potential of the Northern Territory. I Read more about it here.


This application aims to offer users a simple but effective way to allow users to enquire into specific areas or projects of interest.  It is still in Beta testing and suggestions on how to improve and adapt are welcomed.



Screenshot of  the Kimberley Family Holiday Experience

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